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Messengers have come up with increased community health literacy.

Amir Hossein Asadi, secretary of the Digital Media Festival, said: "One of the goals of the Digital Media Festival was to identify the digital platform for health promotion in the community and attract the owners of these platforms to increase the health literacy of the community. In this regard, efforts have been made to utilize the capacity of digital health media to promote community health literacy. Therefore, during successive meetings with experts in the native messenger of IGP and the managers of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, it was decided to carry out some health awareness campaigns in cooperation with IGP and the IGP during the campaign period Provide free services to people.

"One of the permanent concerns of the people is the maintenance and promotion of health, and activity in the health field is a favorite of all virtual activists and startups," Asadi said. Meanwhile, IGP attempted to direct its activity towards a health-based society, and this powerful start-up was accepted by creating a new capacity, using all its media and infrastructure potentials to promote community health literacy and Provides for the development of community health.

The director of the Digital Media Health Conference said the public health service of the system, "Dr. IGP", is provided by the public health service and people can use the services of a health service free of charge. Free fitness calculations and the provision of free health videos and guidelines, the risk of cancer through question and answer in cyberspace and predicting cancer are part of Dr IGP's activities. It also provides stroke risk assessment guidelines, free assessment of depression, intelligence testing, temperament testing in traditional medicine, neonatal intelligence and creativity tests, mental health services, adolescent health services, maternal health services, services Elderly, information and education services, and counseling for Dr IGP's programs that will serve the people.

Amir Hossein Asadi added that during successive meetings with the specialized agencies of the Ministry of Health, such as the General Directorate of Education and Health Promotion, various campaigns and scouts were formed through the capacity of this messenger in cyberspace and exploration, and educational and promotional videos and content in this The platform is available to the community. In fact, Dr IGap is a health service that seeks to provide health services and services on a daily basis to the general public. Services that are trusted, up to date, approved by the Ministry of Health and often provided to people freely.

Asadi added: "Nearly thirty thousand digital platforms have been identified at the festival, and the determination of the festival and the Digital Healthcare Business Development Working Group on the development of the capacity of startups and digital technologies is aimed at improving the health of the community, and we will work with a few A new start-up will work to increase the delivery of health services to the community, so that the health slogan for everyone and using technology will be widespread in all areas.

Hobbyists can receive and install Dr. IGPP through the site www.igap.net or in the market cafe and use the intelligent assistant services of Dr IGP by visiting the intelligent assistant (s).

1399-04-15 Author : Abr-e-Zendegi