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Special meeting "Good City, Business City" is held

According to Public Relations, in this special meeting, which will be held with the participation of the universities and municipality of Kashan, with the participation of the heads of departments, governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic activists and activists, as well as the media and municipality of Kashan, will review the concepts of the city. Became

Therefore, Amir Hossein Asadi, a lecturer at the University and a member of the Digital Business Development Council as the speaker of the ceremony in various fields such as the entrepreneurial city; the foundations of accelerators in the entrepreneurial city. Entrepreneurial and Entrepreneur City Entrepreneurship Schools in Entrepreneur City. Entrepreneurial University will address the city of entrepreneurship.

It is worth noting that the first event of entrepreneurship and technology in the city of good (smart city) is aimed at solving the challenges of urban management in the areas of water, transport and traffic, waste, energy and environment, health, tourism, industries and indigenous businesses, in collaboration with the Head of Culture of the Economists. The scientific deputy of the University of Kashan will be held from 8th to 10th of March.

Hobbyists can visit www.kashanidea.ir to learn more about this event.

1399-04-15 Author : Abr-e-Zendegi